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Master and Apprentice by Mew-Mew-Mari-Shinju Master and Apprentice by Mew-Mew-Mari-Shinju
This is my gift to Nasdreks for her birthday that was two days ago. ^^; I'm sorry it's up so late but one of my sisters had moved in this weekend to university. Plus, today was 9/11 (I pray for those who lost family and friends on that day).
Moving on, this is 2 of Nasdreks's OCs, by the names of Victoria Evans and Master Allister Magi de Illumanais. Currently, my art is leaning towards Disney rather than manga, who knows, it could be both. Character Allister is probably one of my faves, (even if he is a ghostie! :D) I have no idea why, I just like him for no particular reason, at least for now. I also like the pairing, because the two of them sometimes act like an old married couple, (but his descendant is like that with Victoria more often than Allister) and they can just get up to any kind of trouble! :XD: The long pole staff is called the Caduceus and was probably the most annoying thing about this. It took me a whole hour plus reference to get right! :X As for Victoria, I gave her the first outfit she wore in the entire series, mainly because I like it the most and it kind of contrasts Allister's colours. Problems with this: both of the characters' hair, poses and Victoria's eyes. Oh well, I tried my best on it! Even though it doesn't compare to this... [link]

Tools I used:- Letraset Tria and Promarker Markers, mechanical pencil, rubber, Letraset fineliner and Photoshop CS4
The time taken:- 11-12 hours

Victoria Evans and Allister Magi de Illumanais :iconnasdreks:
Nasdreks Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2010  Professional General Artist

This is awesome! I love the style you used for it, you did a way better job making Victoria look Disney-ish than I did. Great job with the Caduceus as well, honestly that thing is a royal pain to put into perspective, even for me and I designed the thing XDDD

One tiny, minor thing though: you forgot to draw Victoria's ring.

Still, I love, love, love (did I mention love?) this drawing. Made my morning ^^
Mew-Mew-Mari-Shinju Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Is that why we don't see it that often? Glad to see it made your morning though :D ... but about the ring... ^^; Oops...
Nasdreks Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2010  Professional General Artist
Well, yes and no. The last couple of issues there was no good opportunity to use it XD
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September 11, 2010
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